How to setup a fairybell flag pole tree

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How to setup a fairybell flag pole tree

Welcome to the magical world of Fairybell flagpole trees – where festive glow meets effortless setup. At a glance, a Fairybell tree might seem like a grand task to erect, but with the right guidance, it's as easy as a winter's breeze. If you've ever found yourself puzzled with the strings and poles, wondering which goes where – you're in the right place. Our Fairybell trees are designed to bring joy, not just when lit, but even during the setup process. This blog is your ultimate companion, a one-stop guide to set your tree aglow without a hitch. Dive in as we unravel step-by-step instructions, peppered with handy tips and tricks to ensure your Fairybell experience is nothing short of magical. Let's make those festive dreams come true!

Setting up Your Fairybell Flagpole Tree: A Step-by-Step Guide

Note: While setting up your Fairybell tree can be a solo endeavor, we recommend having two people for a faster, smoother process. With a partner, one person can hoist the tree up the pole, while the other secures the edges. Flying solo? No worries! Just be prepared to anchor the rope every few feet to secure the tree sections. It might take a tad longer, but the end result is just as mesmerizing. For a visual walkthrough, check out our complete setup video at the bottom of this post!

Step 1: Unboxing the Magic

  • Begin with the Fairybell box. As you open it, a bag brimming with essential hardware greets you - electrical plugs, stakes, an orange string to measure the base diameter, the manual, and more.
  • Dig a little deeper, and the gleam of the silver metal hook reveals itself. This is the pinnacle of your tree, destined to attach to the flagpole's halyard.

Step 2: Setting the Foundation

  • For now, set the hardware bag aside.
  • Securely attach the metal hook to the halyard's clip. Ensure that the curved side of the hook faces the pole. This design helps the tree edges drape perfectly around the pole.
  • A pro-tip? Keep the tree nestled in its box, placed snugly against the pole. As you'll soon see, this positioning allows for a direct, hassle-free hoisting of the tree out of the box.

Step 3: Hoisting with Precision

  • Identify the tree ends that have unsnapped buttons. These ends will soon embrace the pole, giving your tree its distinctive shape.
  • Begin the hoisting. As the tree rises, an orange tie will come into view at approximately eye level. Pause here.
  • Ensure the rope (or halyard) is tangle-free and snug against the pole's inside. Anchor it securely.
  • Untie the orange marker (remember to store it for future use!) and snap this section around the pole.
  • Release the anchor and continue this hoist-snap-repeat rhythm. Your tree should ascend only as high as its designated height. So, a 20ft tree on a 25ft pole? The tree caps at 20ft, leaving a 5ft pole crest visible.

Step 4: Securing Your Winter Wonderland

  • With the tree's edges snapped in place, it's vital to ensure the rope is steadfastly anchored to the pole. This ensures your radiant creation remains undisturbed through the festive season.
  • At this stage, your tree should resemble a majestic curtain cascading straight down from the pole.

Step 5: Measurement Precision

  • Head back to that initial plastic hardware bag. Retrieve the lengthy orange fabric measurement piece with its convenient snap end, and of course, those crucial metal stakes.
  • Snap the orange rope securely around the pole's base. Extend it outwards, ensuring a tight pull. This will guarantee an even diameter for the base of your tree.

Step 6: Pre-Stake Planning

  • Your stakes will find their homes at equal intervals around the pole's base. First, count the number of elastic band ends at the tree's bottom - this determines your stake points.
  • Pace around the pole, placing stakes where you anticipate they'll be anchored. Remember, adjustments are par for the course here.

Step 7: Staking Your Claim

  • With the orange measurement rope as your guide, initiate the staking process. The stake should penetrate the ground at the rope's endpoint. You've got a choice now: connect the tree's elastic tie to this first stake or complete the entire staking circle before attaching the tree.

Step 8: Securing the Beauty

  • Progress in this pattern until all stakes are firmly grounded and the tree's base is snugly tethered, unveiling your stunning Fairybell tree.

Step 9: Detangling Tips

  • Should any lights seem jumbled or overlapping, fear not! A gentle shake of the affected section usually suffices to redistribute and untangle. Tip: doing this intermittently during setup can avoid light overlaps from storage.

Step 10: Power Up!

  • It's electrifying! Notice the light ends near each stake? Time to revisit your hardware bag and introduce the cable junction and transformer to the mix.

Step 11: Connection Central

  • Your cable junction connects to the dangling light ends. Determine where you'd like the junction's endpoint based on your power source's location.
  • Start connecting, ensuring each junction is both snugly pushed and screwed in for a solid fit. After each connection, loop around the tree. The finale? Attach the junction's end to the transformer, and connect to your power source.

Step 12: Marvel at the Magic

  • Your Fairybell tree now stands tall, radiant, and ready to dazzle all season long. Congratulations on a job well done! Sit back, relax, and let the twinkling lights bring joy to every evening.

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